Thursday, July 8, 2010


Come to Ghost Gallery tonight to see a video extravaganza featuring work by DUMB EYES & Tabor Robak, Joseph Patrick Gray & Keith Tilford, Izzie Klingels & Amanda Manitach, and a new video from Frank and myself.

Sponsored by 911 Media and The Andy Warhol Foundation

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

May 2010 First Thursday

Me and my friend Frank will be showing 2 pieces (out of many more that are ready to be displayed later) at the 619 building, floor 5. Along with the 2 pieces there will be a video projection of video we created. In our playlist for the night ill also have music ive been working on with my friend bryce.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Keep it Light

Me and a bout 9 other friends/photographers started a photography group. We meet each week to create an assignment and look at each others photos based on the previous weeks assignment. It has been a great way to stay motivated and creative. We are keeping a blog to post the themes for each week as well as a place to show everyones photos. Check it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

new oils

ive finally been painting again since in got the new art studio. heres one dude i started on. im not sure how much further i want to take it. i think im finally starting to 'get' oils now that ive been working with it for a few years now. the next one i got an idea for because i really love candy. its not finished yet but she will be snorting a pixie stick, not cocaine. sorry for the poor iphone pics

Monday, October 19, 2009


Wow its been a long time since ive updated. Me and a few friends got some studio space a couple months ago. Its nice to have a dedicated to have an art space; not only because i like to work when others are creating but it also freed up a lot of space in my room from all of my art equipment. this is now the place where i draw, paint, do 3D, hang out, get creative, look at inspiration, read etc. the other members of the studio are all talented in their own ways:

Saturday, May 2, 2009

professional work status

so i work at a game company called wizards of the coast. yes, its the company responsible for magic cards and dungeons and dragon and no, they dont have the stores around anymore. at wizards i am a 3d artist working on their minis line. this is somewhat new to me; i transitioned from game art at the beginning of the year. working on the game art (for a character visualizer) was a good experience. i learned some new techniques and got the chance to do some unofficial art direction. the only thing i didnt really like about it was that i didnt get the chance to do much creating myself (until towards the end of my relationship with the project) so my professional portfolio was stagnant for a while. what i did learn about myself is that i did enjoy the art direction aspect, even though i wasnt getting my hands dirty and creating assets.

now that i have been working on minis for several months, i am getting back into creation again. this work has the same fundamentals as game art but there is a whole new world that im learning about since the end result is a physical product that people buy. now that i have some knowledge and we have defined a pretty good work flow i will now be working on my own mini. the overall details have already been worked out be r&d and the art directors but i get to take a mini of my choice from beginning to end. this means i get to model, rig, then pose it; do concept art for the the armor/clothing design, then do a fully detailed sculpt in z-brush. this will be so great for my portfolio, showing something from concept all the way to a physical plastic miniature figure. it will definatly be a challenge but i know i can do it. it will also benefit our team as it will give us further insight to the work flow and process to see if we can stream line the process with our vendor that creates a bulk of the assets. this all sounds pretty nerdy but i really love my job and sometimes i cant believe i get paid to do this stuff.

Friday, May 1, 2009

jackson st. bike video

kyle came up with this concept a few weeks ago so we decided to do it the other night when it was actually sunny. i got my d90 and started taking some random footage of him rolling around our neighborhood. later on that night we sat down and edited in a couple hours. it was another fun project and good to work with someone who went to school for video and made a documentary, i defiantly learned some things.

Jackson St. Cruise from Nick Bartoletti on Vimeo.

our buddy floyd jones built the cruiser